“I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. My first memory is conjuring up three wolves when I was four years old. They lived in our bedroom curtains.”

NEVER WAIT. I come from a lineage of revolutionaries and social rebels who have ended up beheaded, shot to death, exiled and wrought with cancers and regrets. I've become convinced giving in to extreme passions, no matter the issue, will not work in 2021, or moving forward. Nor do any of us wish to see such extremities manifest.

I choose, instead, to bring forth a passionate offering of my own gifts to you, my friends - here and elsewhere. I'm far from perfect and right or righteous and can never be in a world of billions of us. I'm far from perfect in a landscape of me rich in contradictions and experiences.

What we achieve for Humanity is what we achieve in our daily interactions with one another. In our daily givings with everyone, not just those we love and cherish deeply. What we achieve for Humanity is measured by the inspired and forward action our chosen professions insight.

Writing was always out of reach until I made writing the absolute number one priority in my life in the summer of 2021. It wasn't easy and, by far, the transformation is not over. A couple of months, no social media, a "monk's cell" and a dog for a best friend can do wonders. I invite you to NEVER WAIT, never make excuses for why the time is not right to follow your most private dreams. Share them! I yearn to know about them here, there and across the infinite dimensions of the fiber that binds and holds us together.

Humanity is not a monoculture! Humanity needs you! It's not about living you dreams anymore. NEVER WAIT to live your Humanity!

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